30 Days Prayer Guide


Grace and Truth Affirmation  



Our aim is to mobilize churches, brothers and sisters to join the millions of Christians around the world to collective pray in earnestly during this period.

我們的目標是在這段日子中,推動眾教會,和我們的弟兄姐妹來一起與全世界百萬的基督徒共同熱誠地禱告. www.pray30days.org

Welcome to the 26th year of prayer for Muslims fasting month. In the 10 th month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims all over the world observe a month of fasting.

歡迎來到齋戒月為穆斯林禱告的第26年. 在伊斯蘭年曆的第十個月,全世界的穆斯林都遵守一整月的禁食. 我們提供30天禱告冊子,作為在齋戒月為穆斯林禱告的指引.

This  booklet  includes  a  number of touching stories, which aims to highlight how  God’s  love  can embrace  Muslims and also how the Gospel  can  be  spread to  places far  and  wide.  For  instance, some may  see  a   vision  of  God  and  Jesus in their dreams.  The  Kingdom  of  Heaven   has  expanded   through   the  mission   of  churches   planted.   And from  this, the  seeds  were  sown  and resulted  in  many  of  them hearing the  good  news  and consequently embracing Christ. We hope that you feel inspired and empowered by reading this booklet. 

這本冊子以許多感人的故事,來表明上帝的愛如何擁抱穆斯林並福音如何傳到近處和遠處. 如比,有些穆斯林通過夢境看見神和耶穌的異象. 又如,通過教會的植堂宣教天國得到拓展. 至此,福音的種子被播撒,以至許多人聽到好消息並歸信了基督. 我們希望通過閱讀這本冊子,您能受到啟迪和能力.

For year 2019, the  booklets  of Traditional Chinese,  Simplified Chinese, English Adult and English Kids versions are available to order on-line  at this website;  supplying to individuals, small groups, churches and organizations. Pre-order deadline is Mar 1st, 2019。Booklet will be available at the beginning of April. 

2019年,小冊子可在本網站預購, 有繁體、中文简体、英文成人及兒童版, 供應給個人,小组, 教會和機構.  預訂截止日期三月一日2019年。册子約在四月初交收

Copy right : Do not copy and resale the prayer guide for distribution

版權所有: 不能複製和轉售册子分發!

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