Here are the links with vital resources of information : about the 30 days prayer guide;  about Ramadan; tips for sharing gospel with the Muslims for your reference. The promotion videos are provided for the promotion at your church, small groups and organizations.

在此有更多資科關於 : 三十日祈禱書, 齋戒月, 何時向穆斯林朋友分享音福供參考. 以下所提供宣傳短片給教會、小組及機構使用.

For further questions, feel free to contact :


1. 30 Days Prayer Network :

2. About Ramadan :

3. More than a Dreams :

4. Tips to share with Muslims :

5. About TWR speaking hope to the World :

Promotion videos for 30 days prayer booklet:

1. GO: Take No Glory 1080p HD MARN :

2. 30-Days of prayer for the Muslim world :

3.  Build Faith, Hope and Love :

4. Answering-islam :

5. Answering-islam (Chinese) or (Chinese) :

Courses :

1. Perspective on World Christians Movement :

2. Kairoscourse, God the Church and the World :

3. Encountering The World of Islam,  Embracing Muslims with the Love of Christ :, knowing more about Muslim

4. Frontiers, With love and respect, inviting all Muslims to follow Jesus :, (Chinese)

5. Kingdom Ministry Multimedia Center (Chinese):

6. Horizons International, proclaim, disciple, equip :

7. Crescent Project, hope worth sharing :

8. i2ministies, because with God all things are possible :

Sharing Messiah to Muslim:

1. Jesus Film:

2. Injil more than 100 bible stories can be shared to Muslim : or

3. World Bibles, Helping you to find God`s Word in over 4,000 languages :

4. Global Recordings, audio and audio-visual materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in over 6000 languages and dialects :

5. The God's Story Project , more than 300 hundred languages of CD & DVD, inclusive Chines :

6. 5fish Mobi, more than 6,000 languages for sharing gospel and teaching bible:







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